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I've been very happy with Adrian's instruction and thoroughly enjoyed learning with him: his teaching style is exceptional...


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I passed my first test and I can’t say thank you enough to Adrian for teaching me not only how to drive to test standards but to drive safely for life.
Adrian, simply put, is an excellent instructor. He’s very patient, understanding, flexible with scheduling of lessons, very punctual and I also felt like he genuinely cared about my progress on the lessons.
He’s really organised and keeps a detailed log of your progress to help direct lessons. He also took time to help me unlearn bad habits I had imbibed from previous instructors.
Each lesson felt like money well spent and I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a driving instructor to not only help you pass a test, but to drive safely for life.

Theodora Banigo

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Adrian. His lessons were not only really high quality but also extremely fun. Adrian takes his job seriously and spends a lot of time and effort tailoring the lessons to meet his pupils' needs and I felt that Adrian really cared about my progress. My work made it quite difficult for me to fit in driving lessons, but Adrian was very flexible and this was most helpful, especially nearer test day. When it came to my test, I felt extremely well prepared and very confident in my driving, especially knowing that having learned to drive with Adrian already put me at an advantage! I would really recommend learning to drive with Adrian to anyone learning to drive around the Stafford area. 

Helen Jones

Can't recommend Adrian enough, I wish I had undertaken driving lessons with him from the start as my journey to becoming a qualified driver would have been a lot smoother and a lot less stressful!
From the beginning Adrian was patient and put me at ease, he didn't simply teach me to pass my driving test he taught me how to be a good driver and how to enjoy driving - and for that I am very grateful.

Following an intensive driving course and unsuccessful driving test attempts I had lost confidence and did not feel in control when driving, Adrian found the gaps in my knowledge, worked very hard to undo the bad habits I had gained from poor instruction and ensured I was well equipped to not only pass my test but to safely and confidently drive.

Adrian is incredibly knowledgable and explains everything really clearly and comprehensively. He utilises reflective learning, including self reflection in his lessons, this was a really effective method of teaching and enabled me to critically reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of my driving. Adrian was also really flexible with lessons and would ensure that you got the most out of the time spent driving. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking to learn how to drive, improve confidence or simply brush up or advance current skills.

Hannah Bevington

Adrian is a really great instructor, everything is very cleared and well explained and he has no problem explaining things further if you need it. He is always considerate to what you can or can't do and adapts the lessons to suit you at any given time. Never pushes out of your comfort zone unless you feel ready and he is really patient, supportive and friendly. Cannot recommend enough, thanks Ade!

Emily Manning

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Adrian. His friendly approachable manner made me feel confident and relaxed and ensured I always look forward to my lessons with him. He took time to explain things and always made me aware of how I was progressing with my driving. I would definitely recommend him.

Callum Asplin

absolutely brilliant very patient and goes that extra mile just to make sure you get the pass. Would highly recommend Adrian to anybody, 5*

Paul Buckley

I found that Adrian not only taught me how to pass, he taught me how to drive for life. He was very patient and enabled me to pass first time!

Bridie Cooper

Adrian didn't just teach me to pass a test, he taught me to drive and I feel that I am a much safer driver than I ever would have been had I not been taught by him. His teaching manner allowed me to explore and develop my own ability whilst learning what I had to, and very importantly he was someone you could talk to and this meant that the lessons where not just informative but also fun. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Sam Weaver

I would highly recommend Ade to anyone wanting to learn to drive. With his patient, supportive and informative teaching style, he has not only prepared me to get through my test, achieving a first time pass, but also to drive safely in the future. It has been a pleasure, thank you very much Ade!

Olivia Landi

Adrian is a punctual instructor, he was always on time and fitted the lessons around my timetable. He is adaptable and friendly. He can be direct and told me where my weaknesses were yet this was beneficial for me. I passed first time in Stafford with one minor.
Thanks Ade!

Frances Bishop

Great service from Ade. Very patient and understanding of different peoples learning styles.

I now know how to actually drive safely, as well as pass the test! Thank you Ade.

Ellie Butler

With Ade's firm but fair teaching style, his unfaltering knowledge of his profession and the friendly atmosphere he creates, it's no wonder I have come out of this process feeling not just prepared, but confident about my driving. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone who wants their driving lessons done properly.

Matthew Berrow

Ade is a fantastic driving instructor and as well as teaching me to drive, he taught me how to drive safely and maintain a car of a safe standard. Ade was always on time to lessons and he made sure that I had all of the booked time driving. He knew that I wanted to become a safe and confident driver so he taught me to advanced standards and as a result I only got one driver fault on my first time pass!

Thanks for all of your patience and knowledge! 

Luke Aldred

Ade came highly recommended to me by a family friend, and he certainly was not wrong. Prompt, insightful, excellent teacher and all-round nice guy, I can not praise Ade highly enough. Always giving honest feedback which helped me reflect on some of my ‘questionable’ driving decisions, but never made my confidence waiver. After passing first time, I felt absolutely comfortable driving on my own for the first time, something I know my friends have not experienced after using other driving schools/ instructors. The price is very reasonable and includes lots of perks, including Ade’s vast knowledge of the Highway Code! I would definitely recommend Ade to anyone. 

Joe Barton

Very good instructor, very patient and knowledgable. Always on time for lessons and in a well maintained clean car. The rate being charged is definitely worth the money and would recommend to friends and family.

Kayleigh Newman

First time pass. I started with Ade as a complete novice, I had never even started a car. Week by week my skill level improved and I always came away from a lesson feeling that I had improved as a driver. Ade always seemed to know what I needed next and would find just the right exercise to achieve the necessary improvement.
Ade always gave me a boost when it was needed and an honest appraisal throughout, I have the utmost confidence in his instruction and his ability to assess what was needed next. I learnt not only how to pass my test but how to be a confident competent driver.

I cannot speak highly enough of Ade as an Instructor and I will miss our wed evening chats. I have no reservation in recommending Ade Tenan to anyone wanting to learn to drive. 

Darren Standring

I couldn't speak highly enough of what a fantastic driving instructor Adrian Tenan is and how much of a better driver you become under his instruction. He ensures that you reach your full driving potential, whilst at the same time he builds your confidence up. You become as a driver more advanced due to his teachings, so when your driving test day comes you will be ready for anything that comes your way and likely to pass first time round. I would recommend Adrian Tenan to anyone who is seeking driving lessons.

Thanks Ade for the last year in helping me to achieve my top goal which was passing my driving test, now that's been achieved I am over the moon.

Nathan Legge

Thank you for teaching me all I need to know and for getting me my first time pass on my test

Emilie Roe

Adrian is without question the best instructor around. Without his guidance and expertise I would of still been a learner. I highly recommend to anyone who is considering to drive!

Donovan Daker

Not feeling very confident and more than slightly nervous behind the wheel Ade helped me to overcome all this and pass first time. Ade knew and understood I wanted to be completely confident in myself and be a competent driver. he taught me how to be a safe driver whilst with a car load of kids in the back! Even when I was struggling with a specific exercise or just having a bad day driving lesson he always knew how to turn it all around for the better. Ade doesn't teach you how to pass your test he teaches you how how to drive for the rest of your life. I never thought I would ever be a driver and now all these months later I am, and I am so truly thankful to Ade for helping me make it possible.

One very happy family who has mummy driving!

Aby Cecil, Stafford

Aby Cecil

After putting off learning to drive during school, a friend highly recommended Adrian and I was glad I had Adrian as an instructor. Adrian helped me to feel comfortable being in control of the car straight away and feel safe when I was feeling quite nervous to begin with. By the end of the first lesson, I couldn't wait for the second! I set a target to pass before I went to university and Adrian helped me to plan out enough lessons to make me feel confident to take the test and pass first time.I found that Adrian does not teach people to pass their driving test, he teaches you to drive to a very high high standard so the test is the last thing you think about! I was really happy with the lessons and how they were structured to keep them interesting and challenging at all times. Adrian is very supportive and I always felt like I was in the very best of hands! I would recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Josephine Mooney

I had tried a couple of different driving instructors before settling on Adrian, his attention to his clients is second to none, he adapts his
teaching methods to suit the individual & doesn't only teach you to pass your test on the day but be teaches you how to be a safe, knowledgeable & confident driver which speaks for itself. I passed first time & couldn't thank Adrian enough for his time & patience. I'd recommend Adrian to everyone!

Sarah Horsenail

Speaking as a parent I can whole heartedly recommend Ade.  Having wasted money on months of driving lessons for our first daughter with another instructor, we then found Ade, who corrected all the bad habits she had picked up and got her through her test first time (with him) with only 1 minor. So of course we turned straight to him for our next daughter and his patience, dedication and professionalism, not to mention his humour, got her through first time as well. He really does tailor his lessons to individual need and only puts people in for their test when he knows they are capable of passing.  He gives great feedback and helped me a lot when I was taking our daughter out for driving practice, letting me sit in on a lesson beforehand so I could see the sorts of things I needed to look out for.  Driving has changed so much since I learned back in 1978 and I also feel to have improved my driving just through his feedback to her! But the best thing of all is that, now both girls have passed their tests, I feel very confident in their ability to drive safely.  I know of other parents who are really worried about their sons and daughters driving independently after they have passed their tests - but with Ade you know they have received the best instruction and they really are good, safe drivers. 

Thanks so much Ade!

Testimonial from a parent. Carol Wood.

Adrian is a very patient and thorough driving instructor, he takes time to really explain things in a very clear way and gets you to think for yourself rather than relying on someone else for all the answers. This helps to build up your confidence in driving and makes you more independent. He also prepares you really well for yor test and helps you to calm down if you feel nervous! Thank you very much Ade!

Ella Wood

Learning to drive with Adrian was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I chose to go with him after my girlfriend and sister both passed first time through his instruction and couldn't recommend him enough and I wasn't left disappointed. Ade recognises how each individual learns and adapts lessons and his teaching methods to suit you whilst keeping you in charge of your learning and development as much as possible. His patience and experience never left me doubting the fact that he was the man to get me through my test and sure enough just like my girlfriend I passed first time and convincingly. Ade is reliable, friendly and above all great at what he does, he knew I'd pass first time as he does with all his students, he is a grade 6 instructor for a reason.  .

One of the best things about Ade's instruction is the fact he doesn't just teach you to get through your test, he teaches you so that you'll stay safe once you've passed also so that you shouldn't ever have to take your test again. It has been a pleasure to learn with Ade, if you're good to him he'll be very good to you, thanks for everything Ade!

Mitch Taylor

I've been very happy with Adrian's instruction and thoroughly enjoyed learning with him: his teaching style is exceptional as he adapts his approach according to the pupil and their personality. He let me have as much or as little control and planning of my lessons as I wanted and I felt very confident entering for my driving test because I knew I was fully prepared for anything that could come up.
Adrian is such a friendly and welcoming character and a pleasure to learn with, he teaches his pupils to drive to a very high standard and the pass results speak for themselves.
Thank you, Ade!

Charlotte Rhodes

Having spent the best part of 3 years, on and off, and a substantial amount of money learning to drive, I had arrived at the point of hating driving, crying after every lesson and being petrified of the car. Adrian spent a lot of time, energy and excessive patience assessing and remodelling bad tuition. In a relatively short amount of time - 6 months - he erased all of the bad teaching I had received and helped me to pass my test first time and with only 4 minors. He offered great value for money, was very flexible arranging lessons around a very unflexible schedule and went out of his way to explain things in ways that I would understand them, even if that meant explaining it in a number of different ways. When approaching my test, he would not allow me to rush into it, ensuring that I was fully prepared and not wasting my money. Having spent time in the company of other drivers, i feel the standard of tuition I received was far higher than many of my peers and that was without completing the PASS PLUS. I was over 25 when completing my test so from an insurance perspective it was not as advantageous for me to do the course but for anyone not 100% confident I know other people have completed the PASS PLUS and gratefully received the experience. I would recommend Adrian 110% to anyone and if anyone would like to ask a question about anything I'm sure he would be more than happy to answer. Not only did he stop me being a risk to others and a massive hater of anything car related, I now love driving and am pleased that with his help I managed to achieve something I repeatedly gave up as a bad job. If you want to learn to drive, Adrian is by far the person I would recommend. 

Lyndsay Carol May

"Adrian was a very good instructor, and thought of ways to help you and would ask you ways you can think of to improve your learning too. He's great value for money. Adrian helped me out with all my problems areas and improve my general driving to a great standard.

"I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone looking to take up learning or looking at changing instructors. with Adrian's help I managed to pass second time round (first time with Adrian), on the (3/10/11) after a year and a half of non driving. Many thanks Adrian"

Catherine Wilson

"Adrian was a fantastic and reliable driving instructor who tailored a program of lessons for me in order to pass my test very quickly (and first time round)! If you are looking for a reliable, patient and well qualified driving instructor in the Staffordshire area with a modern car then look no further!"

Yuvraj Boparai

"Adrian is a very professional instructor who interacts with learners in a way that makes you feel really good, as well as covering everything in driving to make sure you WILL pass your test.

"As for value for money Adrian is exceptionally fair with time and money, sometimes we even have a thirty minute debrief after a session (unpaid for!) where you not only evaluate how to improve yourself but have a wonderful conversation with an enthusiastic and charming character.

"Today, (05/10/11), I have passed my driving practical on the first attempt, I was among three who have also passed this week. My eternal gratitude goes to Adrian who guided and supported me throughout his lessons. I would recommend, as I have done so, anyone to him who wants to learn how to drive beyond the test requirements.

"Thank you Adrian."

Timothy Parr

"Adrian is an amazing driving instructor. He's very supportive and gives you all the help you will need to become an excellent driver. He helped me so much so that I passed my test first time and knows when you are ready. I would highly recommend him to all my friends. Thank-you so much!!"

Amber Harrison

"A very big thank you to Adrian who taught me not just to a basic level to pass my test, but gave me the confidence and highest level of instruction to pass first time. He spent time with me giving detailed explanations of the car, road safety and how to interpret the actions of other drivers, while making every lesson fun and leaving me with a sense of achievement.

"I have recommended him to my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wishing to do more than just pass their test."

Jack Hodgetts

"First of all the car you use is brilliant to drive, I felt Adrian gives full and detailed explanations about all of the Highway Code as well as the practical driving. I passed first time with Adrian and trust me when i say this, as soon as you get in that car for the test you will be fully ready to take your test. Keep your nerve and you will pass.  5*"

Chris Taylor