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I am unable to book lessons for the present. I will still respond to messages and enquiries.



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"First of all the car you use is brilliant to drive, I felt Adrian gives full and detailed explanations about all of the Highway Code as well as the...


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Price List

I make sure that your driving lessons will always be good value. You will definitely get the time you paid for, with my undivided attention:no phone calls during your lessons (unless for your benefit and only then with your permission), no dropping off other students in your time.

It is advisable to contact me before booking and paying for lessons, thank you


Introductory offer - 1st 2hours for -      £30 **

                                                              or - your first seven hours for the price of six.           - £153

                                                             or - your first thirteen hours for the price of twelve.  - £300                                              

  • Hourly Standard Rate for Learners                                                £26
  • Hourly Rate for Qualified Drivers (including Motorway Lessons)       £28
  • Block payment for 6hrs                                                                £153
  • Block payment for 12hrs                                                              £300      
  • Pass Plus Extra + (workshop attendance voucher)-      6Hrs  -        £80

                  ** Assessments for L Tests, Mock Tests and Refresher Lessons for Full Licence Holders 

 DO NOT qualify for the -first 2 hours for £30.00 special- introductory offer  


                                                                                 Payments can be made in- Cash


                                                   by - Mobile Banking  (payable to - Adriano Tenan - 07773633493)

                how to register for mobile banking -  (

                                                                                                                            Bank Giro Credit 


                                                                                                    or online via PayPal  -  (first lesson only -£30)




     DVSA fees:

              Theory Test £23.00       Practical Driving Test £62.00     Extended Practical Test (when so ordered by a court) £124.00                                

Weekend and Evening Practical Driving Test (out of hours-when available) £75.00