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I found that Adrian not only taught me how to pass, he taught me how to drive for life. He was very patient and enabled me to pass first time!


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Jake, another 1st timer

Well deserved congratulations go to Jake on his 1st time pass at Stafford today.

Jake really put in some hard graft in the last few weeks in order to achieve a much wanted test pass.

Wishing you well on your other passion ,drumming.

All the best 


Will, another 1st timer

Nice one Will.

 Owing to the long waiting times for Tests Will wasn't able to take his Test before going to Uni.

However study leave allowed him time to prepare and take his Test today.

'I like it when a plan comes together'


All the best at uni.



Theodora, with another 1st time pass

Congratulations go to Theodora with a very worthy 1st time pass.

All the best and safe driving for the future



Hollie, delighted with her 1st time pass

Congratulations to Hollie on her 1st time pass


Not only did Hollie find an earlier test date but bagged a timely pass as well.


Well done on both counts 


Rory, another test pass

Congratulations go to Rory for an excellent test pass. 

And a thank you to the DVSA for providing a reserve examiner when the scheduled examiner called in ill




Abbi, another 1st time pass

Congratulations go to Abbi on passing 1st time with a great drive.

choosing a car comes next

Well Done


Hannah, another 1st timer

All smiles and congratulations for Hannah today

Well done



Dan celebrates today

Dan was on holiday when I found an earlier test date than the one that was originally booked.

So Dan's ambition to be able to drive solo before the end of summer came true today on passing his test in Stafford.

Well done and congratulations on a very good drive.



Josh joins the 1st time club

A great drive from Josh today with his 1st time pass.

Congratulations and well done.



Ryan, another 1st timer


Congratulations go to Rayan on his impressive near perfect 1st time pass.

This follows on from his earlier success with gaining his motorbike licence.

Well Deserved.