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Adrian is without question the best instructor around. Without his guidance and expertise I would of still been a learner.


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BOX 1   Subject not covered/incorrect or dangerous instruction.

BOX 2  Subject covered unsatisfactorily.

BOX 3  Subject covered satisfactorily in all aspects.


The marking in this column reflects your performance in relation to the core competencies, the instructional techniques that you employed and your attitude and approach to the pupil on the lesson. Each heading is broken down into a six point ratingscale. the closer to the right the mark is, the better you have performed.

A majority of the marks placed to the right does not necessarily relect a high grade as some of the aspects marked to the left may have played a more significant part in the lesson and therefore have an effect on the overall rating.

The criteria for the grading is as follows:

6. Overall performance to a very high standard with no significant instructional weaknesses.

5. A good overall standard of instruction with some minor weaknesses in instructional technique.

4. A competent overall performance with some minor deficiencies in instructional technique.

3. An inadequate overall performance with some deficiencies in instructional technique.

2. A poor overall performance with numerous deficiencies in instructional technique.

1. Overall standard of instruction extremely poor or dangerous with incorrect or even dangerous instruction.


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