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After putting off learning to drive during school, a friend highly recommended Adrian and I was glad I had Adrian as an instructor.


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About Adrian

I qualified as an Industrial Chemist in 1973 (B.Tech in Colour Chemistry and Colour Technology, Bradford University),  and worked in the textile industry as a Technical Supervisor before spending 25 years in the Ice Cream Industry. 

Fourteen years were spent with the Staffs Police as a Special Constable, gaining a long service and good conduct medal along the way.

I have always been a keen sportsman, and I was very keen on Hockey in my youth. Hanley High School 1st team, Staffordshire County 1st team and Bradford University 1st team were my achievements.

At University I also became interested in Ten Pin Bowling, it would be fair to say that I soon became an addict, achieving the highest game and highest series scores (1971). In that same year I was a member of the team that won the Universities Challenge Trophy (Leeds Trios).

Martial arts have been my passion for 25 years.  I hold two black belts [1st Dan ( JKA ) and 2nd Dan ( WBFMA )] and have fought in tournaments nationally. I also fought for charity, helping to raise funds for Help the Aged. I also had the honour of training with the Great Britain team.

I've enjoyed driving extensively on the continent, in France, Switzerland, Italy, mainland Spain, the Balearics and the Canaries.

Home mechanics have also kept me busy, having built a rally Mini (I used a 1275GT bare shell) virtually from scratch. My wife and I honeymooned in it to Edinburgh.


        Driving lessons can sometimes provide unexpected moments of excitement:

When negotiating a sharp bend on a country road, my learner had to pull up sharply as there was a car full of criminals in the road along with three police cars whose occupants were armed to the teeth with MP5 machine pistols, and automatic hand guns. We didn't know this scene wasn't for real until the "bandits" and police put their kit away, waved, smiled and drove off.

The funny thing was I was asked a couple of weeks earlier if I wanted to be a 'bandit/bank robber' in role-play (in my capacity as a Special Constable). It could have been me in the bandit car, but I had to decline owing to work commitments.

The scene we witnessed wasn't scary at all, as it was over in a flash. We had a ringside seat... all very professional, I was well impressed, and my pupil was gobsmacked :)

I can't promise that all my learners will witness police training, but you never know...